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Carter Art offers an extensive range of learning categories.  

Explore artists from history to contemporary art, and learn more about each one with bullet points.  Discover everything about art movements and artworks with specific analysis, and explore what we can offer you in our how-to section, to help develop your skills.  

All About Gold Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol

Marilyn Monroe's life, career, and tragic death became a global fascination after her untimely death in August 1962 from an overdose of slee

Aubrey Beardsley

Despite its brief duration, Aubrey Beardsley's creative career had a significant effect. Beardsley became one of the most controversial pain

Caspar David Friedrich

Caspar David Friedrich created works that faced the spectator with the magnificent in an attempt to convey a sense of the limitless. Friedri

All About Danae by Artemisia Gentileschi

Acrisius of Argos, her father in the Greek tale of Danae, imprisons a young lady in her bed-chamber. An oracle had prophesied that if she be

Jacob Epstein

In his sculptures, Jacob Epstein tried to capture the majesty of human existence while also expressing the majesty of the materials he used

Gustave Caillebotte

Gustave Caillebotte remained mostly forgotten until the 1950s, despite having accomplished a great deal in Paris during the time of the Impr

Dorothea Tanning

Not only have the many photos she took, items she made, and texts she wrote become valuable works of art due to Dorothea Tanning's presence

All About Therese Dreaming by Balthus

Summary of Therese Dreaming
It's impossible to tell whether Balthus' model, Thérèse Blanchard, is conscious of her surroundings or if she's

All About Cubism

Cubism is an art style which aims at simultaneously showing all potential views of a person or an item. It is known as Cubism since the obje

David Hammons

David Hammons aims to openly criticise the nature of the art industry and its ridiculous elitism by avoiding conventional forms of artistic


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I came up with the idea for Carter Art as a college student during the Covid-19 Lockdown, always being presented with projects to do, and assignments to complete, I found it rather difficult to gather all of the information I needed purely online.  There was no one place I could go that was all about art, and would help with my research (at least not one that was free), so I decided to create Carter Art.  An online resource that is completely free to use, and dedicated to all things art.  

We run off the basis of other artists and students sharing their knowledge of art through the free blog writer.  (To sign up, click here

I wanted to create Carter Art not only to help art students with gathering resources, but also to give anyone who was interested in learning art a place they could go.  

I've designed Carter Art to be ever-evolving, people always sharing new articles, getting feedback on their art, a place for artists to gather and make connections, many people just use this site for their portfolio.  I plan on growing this community into something amazing for everyone. 

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A Bit About Carter Art
What is Carter Art?

Carter Art is a free online art resource platform.  You can share your works with the community in the gallery, store your own portfolio in your member's tab, and ask for helpful feedback on your art in groups.  You can also write articles to benefit the art community, and share your knowledge.  

Why Use Carter Art?

On Carter Art, you are offered a completely safe environment to share your work; no spam, no harsh comments, any feedback is either positive, or given as a constructive criticism.  Rather than being in competition with other artists to see whose post is more popular, on Carter Art, everyone is here to help you improve. 

Artists use Carter Art to hold their portfolio, share works, and offer back to the art community to help up and coming artists.  

We also offer a large range of online resources for all artists, and members have the opportunity to write their own articles as well.  

Carter Art Members vs Non-Members

Carter Art offers everything for free, non-member, have unrestricted access to all resources and articles, and viewing the gallery.  

When you become a member (completely free) you have the opportunity to write your own articles, share your art with all of us, store your own online portfolio, join, and create groups of your own, and also get feedback on the art you share.  

Does Carter Art Restrict Any Artworks?

Carter Art does not restrict any forms, types, styles, or media of artworks, you can share your art with all of us in the gallery tab, and also have it stored in your personal members gallery/portfolio.  We are open to having all forms of art shared on here, but we do restrict vastly inappropriate art from being added (that said, we do not restrict life drawings, or other similar such art).  

Why Share Your Art Here & Not Social Media?

Carter Art encourages you to share your art both on here, and on social media, the difference, and benefit we have, is the advantage of being solely an art community.  This means 2 things:

1.  You are not bombarded with distracting images that have nothing to do with art.  

2. When you post your art on social media looking for feedback for improvement, usually you don't find it, either because people are just going to say nice things, or people will just put your work down and say that it's bad.  

Carter Art offers you a place to share your art, no matter what skill level you are at, and receive constructive feedback on how to grow your skill level.  

Who is Carter Art For?

Carter Art is for anyone who is looking for a safe environment to share their art with artists alike.  

For students to gather resources, and gain knowledge of art.  

For the first time drawer, who's got dreams of being an artist.

Anyone who looks for good, and credible feedback on their art so they can improve and become the best artist they can be.  

Write Articles on 
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Write With Us

Carter Art publishes at least one article every day, and we are always looking for other artists to write with us, to share their own knowledge with the world.  

Why Write With Us

Setting up a website and writing your own blogs can be tiresome, and frankly, quite costly too.  

But when writing with us, you have absolutely no commitment you are tied to, you can write, publish, and edit whenever you like.  

We cost absolutely nothing!  

Plus, if you add one or two affiliate links into your post, you can even earn money from your blog posts.

We Take Care of All The Backend

If you've tried to write your own blogs before, you'll know all about SEO, but don't worry, Carter Art covers your back on this.  We automatically optimise every article that's published on our site, and is automatically submitted to all search engines, including Google. 

Write Anything You Like

We don't restrict what articles you write, as long as they revolve around art. 

So you could write about tips & tricks you have, share your knowledge, or anything art related.  

Why Should You Write On Carter Art?

Well, for starters, you would be sharing your own knowledge of art with everyone on the platform (plus it will be published on Google).

You wouldn't have to worry about anything other than just writing the post.  

Here's the real great thing about writing on Carter Art...... You can promote yourself through us!

Although we don't allow spammy articles to be written (i.e. not providing some value of content), you are free to add affiliate links in what you write, (this basically means that whenever a reader on our site clicks that link, you would earn profit from it).

You are also free to link back to your own artist site (this could be your own blog, or just your portfolio).  

Carter Art is a way of promoting yourself as an artist, and with Carter Art, every article is guaranteed some readership.