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Carter Art

Carter Art is an online art resource community.  

You can browse the site, and read a wide variety of blog posts.

We encourage our readers to sign up, where you have the ability to write and share your very own blog posts.  

Carter Art is an ever-evolving site, where we will continue to add features to make this art resource one of the best on the internet.  

Carter Art relies on its users and members to provide resources and articles, so we are ever-evolving as an art community.  

Meet The

James Carter.  

"I created Carter Art as an online resource for artists and students so they could have a go-to resource for their projects and learning new things about art.  I often found that during Lockdown, it was rather hard to find all the information I needed in one place for a project, and seeing that Art is a very time-consuming subject, I just wanted to find all the information I needed, and quickly, but there weren't any great services I liked. 

So I decided to create Carter Art, it started as just the idea of writing a blog, but it has expanded into having others share their own ideas and articles, as well as artists asking questions, and people using Carter Art's members page to store their portfolio. 

I am proud to have been homeschooled for the majority of my life, as I would not have been given the opportunity, or given the ability to stretch my ideas and ambition otherwise. 

I hope that Carter Art will always be evolving, and that artists will have a place to come where all the resources they could need are."