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About Carter Art Photos

Important, Please Read.

Carter Art Photos is currently in Beta mode, so please note that updates may be frequent, and changes are being implemented to improve the service on a regular basis.  

What is Carter Art Photos?

Carter Art Photos is a newly released feature as part of Carter Art, to enable artists to gather reference images. of high quality and standard.  

You can browse all the available photos on the home page.  

Carter Art aims to achieve a way for all creatives to gain recognition for their works.  Carter Art Photos is a way for artists to gain reference material, and provide photographers with a way to gain recognition, and both a way of earning money.  

How to Upload Photos?

In order to upload photos, you must be registered as a member on Carter Art (sign up for free here).

Head to the Upload Photos section, or select the upload button in the top right corner.  

You must then fill out all the information surrounding the photo you wish to upload, this includes:

Title, Photographer Name, Photographer Profile URL, Photo Description, Photographer Donation Link.

You may only upload one photo at a time.  

  • Photographer Profile URL:  This is where you provide your Carter Art profile URL to allow people to credit you.  

  • Photo Description:  This is where you provide the description of the photo, and any details you wish to add about it.  

  • Photographer Donation Link:  This is where you can provide a link to your PayPal.me allowing users of the photo to show their appreciation of your photo by donating money to you.  

Agreement/Terms of Use.


When you upload an image on Carter Art, you agree with the fair use act for artists to use your photo as reference within their artwork. 

You also agree that the photo you uploaded is your own work, and is not copyrighted by anyone, or any service.  



As a downloader of any photo, you are not 'bound' to, but are 'encouraged' to donate some of the earnings to the original photographer if/when your artwork sells.  The recommended amount is between 10-50%.  

When you use a photo, you are 'agreeing' to credit the original photographer in any and all uses of the photo, unless agreed separately with the original photographer.  

What Photos Are Allowed?

You may upload images that can be used as artistic reference material, this can include a range of:

Animals, portraits, landscapes, still life, and others that fall into a similar category.  

We do NOT accept images that contain pornographic scenes, or sensitive material.  

Please be sure that the image you upload is your own work, and is not copyrighted elsewhere.  

If you violate any of these upload agreements, Carter Art remains the right to remove the photo (we are not obliged to provide you with a reason or notification about the removal of images).  

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