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Carter Art
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Re-Imagining the Way You Learn About Art
With Extraordinary Courses
Learn About Art Anywhere & Everywhere

Courses help you to learn about art anywhere and everywhere, even on the go in a faster and easier way you've never experienced...

See Art in a New Way.

Distraction Free

The courses on Carter Art have been designed to help you learn in a way you may never have experienced before.
They are designed to help you focus, and reduce distractions.
You can enter into full screen mode of a course by selecting the arrows in the top right hand corner to remove distractions from other open tabs.
The minimalistic design and layout of the courses are also designed to help you focus.

Learn With Courses

Courses are a great new way to learn everything about a subject in a new, re-imagined way, within a dedicated area, and minimal distractions. 

Allowing you to also meet other people who share your interests, and gain insight into knowledge you didn't know you could achieve.

All for FREE

Discover a course that piques your interest and begin taking part in it to learn all there is to learn about that subject.

Join the exclusive group available to the course members, and meet like-minded people who share your interest.

This allows you to network so much easier. 

Upon completion of your course, you will have gained a plethora of knowledge about the subject, and also gained a badge to be displayed on your profile.

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