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Working at home

Get Monetised Today

Earn More For Your Writing

Achieving Growth Together

Carter Art works in unison with you to help you achieve your growth.  You can still add your own affiliate links and earn commission free, as well as earn a share of the ad revenue that your articles gain.

Working to Get You The Most for Your Work


Write & Earn

Earn more for getting reads. 

Write your posts, and get paid for readers.

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Get Approved

Apply to join the monetisation programme, once approved you will be able to start earning more money for your posts.

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Write your posts as normal, and watch the reads follow.

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Earn $1 for every 1000 readers that your blogs gain and get paid safely via PayPal each month.

Apply for Monetisation

Thank You for Applying!


How Much Can I Earn?

Carter Art pays $1 for every 1000 readers that your articles gain.  So, if you get 5000 reads, then you earn $5. 

How Do I Get Paid?

At the end of each month, you are paid via the PayPal.me link that you provided in your application form.  If you would like to change your link please contact us.

Can I See How Many Reads my Posts Have?

Carter Art's monetisation programme is still being developed fully, so we have no analytics reports available to you, but you are given an overview of how many reads your posts gained each month when you are paid, and you can see the reads of the posts in your account blogs.

Do I Need to Reach a Threshold Requirement to Apply?

No, but we do look to see if you have been an active user and have posted some good articles.  If you haven't, then there is still a chance of being accepted into the programme.