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A Full Guide on How to Make Money on Carter Art

Carter Art is built and designed to help people writing articles as much as possible.

Currently, we allow you to make money through writing articles, and using affiliate links, but we are also testing our new monetisation system, which allows you to make money from the amount of reads your articles have.

What is our monetisation system?
Carter Arts new monetisation system allows you to earn even more money that just from affiliate links. You will get paid a CPM of $1 per 1000 readers.
(This monetisation is still in Beta, but we are opening it up to a wide range of users.) You will be paid directly to your PayPal each month with the amount you've earnt. We hope to expand this feature even more in the future and open it up to even more writers.

What are affiliate links?
Affiliate links are way for you to market products to your readers.
You refer your readers to a product that you recommend, and if your reader buy it after clicking the link you provide, then you get paid a commission of the sale.

Let's say that you've written a blog all about pencils.
You may refer your readers to some of the top pencils you suggest using through a link.
Your readers click the link and purchase the pencils for £100
The average commission is roughly 10%
So you would make £10 from that one purchase.

The beauty of using affiliate links, is that we take 0% from any of the earnings you make, meaning you are essentially running your own business and blog.

What affiliate program should you use?
The easiest affiliate marketing program to use is Amazon Affiliates. (But you can add an affiliate link from anywhere you get them, many platform have affiliate programs, you just need to search for them).
As Amazon is one of the easiest to get links from, and they have a stock of just about every product, we will use them in this demo.

You will need to head to Amazon Affiliates on the web, and sign up for an account.
All you need to do is fill in all the details about yourself, and then in the "link your website" section, just enter your profile URL on Carter Art.
You will then be given access to the affiliate program, and you may then search any product on Amazon, receive a link for it, and then you just need to provide your custom affiliate link on your posts.

How to make Affiliate Links Clickable?
Adding in a link is just half the battle of getting your readers to click it.

Making your links clickable and presentable is a crucial part of getting that click you need.
Within the article writer, you can add in images that showcase the product you are promoting, and then add a link within the image (this means if someone clicks the image, they will be taken to the product page of the item you have linked to).

You can also add in a button that links to your product, (everyone loved clicking a button).

And of course, we have the normal link, you can always just add in that bland link that people can click onto.

Rules of using Affiliate Links.
We strongly suggest that you only link to products that you have used, or know are high quality.

We do not accept posts that have no written content and only links in them.

How to Make Money on Carter Art

How to Make Money on Carter Art
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