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A full guide on how to use and upload videos on Carter Art.

In order to scroll through different videos on Carter Art, you can either hold shift and then scroll with your mouse wheel, or you can click on the white arrow button on the edge of the videos.

Uploading videos to Carter Art is super simple.

Any user can view and submit videos to Carter Art.

The process to link in your video is designed to be as seamless as possible.

When adding a video to Carter Art, all you need is an external URL i.e. the YouTube video link, and the video title.

Head to the Videos tab in the menu.
Select Submit Video
(Or select the video icon in the top right-hand display).

Add the title into the required box.
Add the URL into the required box.

Anyone can upload their videos on Carter Art, to make life easier, we have made it so you only have to link in your video from a previous upload of your video.

Another way of submitting videos, is by emailing us at Carterart.art@gmail.com with the link, or a direct file and we will review it and upload it.

At Carter Art, we know how tiring it can be to film your video, edit it, and then sit around waiting for the long upload times... especially if you're uploading that video to multiple platforms.

That's why we made our unique integrated system that allows you to just link in your video using its URL from an external source such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and many other platforms.

Carter Art also allows you to share your favourite art videos within the platform even if you are not the original creator, you can send us the link to one of your favourite art videos, and then we will feature it, despite you not being the original creator. This then allows you to support your favourite creators in a new fashion, as the views are still given to them in the YouTube platform.

(YouTube is our example here)

We know how many people want to earn money from their videos, but YouTubes monetisation requirements can make it unmotivating to create content and build your channel, so we made life easier for you to get exposure as an artist and gain traffic to your channel, and content.

Why should you upload your videos on Carter Art?

One of the biggest reasons you should upload your videos onto Carter Art, is that our users are all art enthusiasts, and you will gain exposure to our audience. In a nutshell, we are allowing you a free way of funnelling our traffic to your videos.

Why URL's, & not direct upload?

We know how important YouTube is to artists, allowing them a platform to share their art to the world via video, the issues are with pure video platforms, is that your content may not be seen by the right people you want to see your videos. We allow you to funnel traffic directly to your YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc... and gain views from them.
One of the other reasons we allow you to link in your URL to Carter Art, is that know how many people are keen to become monetised on YouTube, and we know that the requirements for that can be tiresome at times, having to build up 1000 subscribers, and 4000 watch hours, we are here to help you accomplish that goal, you can get your art videos seen to other people who have a huge interest in art, and you can gain views, and build up your audience from our users. ​

What videos do we accept?
We accept videos about art....

The term 'ART' is a very diverse subject, so please keep within the following categories of videos that you upload:

Art Tutorials, Art History, Art Tips, How To, Drawing Timelapse, Painting Timelapse, something that entails an artist.

How to Use Videos on Carter Art

How to Use Videos on Carter Art
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