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A full guide on how to write a course on Carter Art

Currently the option to write a course is invite only.
To be invited to participate as a course writer, you should be an accredited writer on Carter Art. This is how you will gain our attention, and if you we feel you have the potential to write a course, you will be contacted by us.

Writing on Carter Art is the best way to get yourself noticed by us, and gain the attention needed to be able to write a course on the platform.
We hold a high regard to the standard of quality to all courses that are written, so your articles and posts are all read through, to be sure you can provide that standard of quality to be shared.

Why would you want to write a course on Carter Art?
Well for starters, it opens up a wide range of monetisation features, where you will be able to earn more money from your content.
It will be structured. You will be at the forefront of the community you have created around the course.
You gain recognition. You also get featured on the course as the creator and writer, so you are given more credibility throughout the platform.
You have expanded reach. This is where what you have written about in a course will be shared more widely, and you get to teach all the people that read your course.

More features and information about courses are available to you when you are invited to write a course on Carter Art.

If you feel you have a great idea for a course on Carter Art, then you may email us at CarterArt.art@gmail.com
If the idea is interesting, then you could even be asked to write the course.
(This is another way of becoming a course writer on Carter Art).

How to Write A Course on Carter Art?

How to Write A Course on Carter Art?
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