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Hello ,

My name is Deidre Dorsett.


I love to create , I was born this way...I create from my heart I have a fascination with birds every since putting out my bird feeders..on my deck and I watch the birds and their movements and their strange little personalities... so began my journey to paint them ...from my perspective, not perfect but from the way my minds eye see's them. I also wrote and illustrated my first published book "The Purple Moon' on Amazon and tons of other sites, Barnes& Nobles, Target etc, , very proud of this creation because it was a journey putting the book together, but now soaring out there for the world! What a feeling getting emails from people in different parts of the world that are enjoying my book with all of my illustrations and words from my heart in this book of enlighment.! I've also created a brand Aringa Creations over 10 yrs ago, which is named after my two daughters Ariel and Inga, who are now all grown up , this name just worked then to find out from a friend from Nigeria that this is an African Tribe in! and I just thought I made up the name...synchronicity is real! Bottom line the Brand has taken off and has been out there for quite some years... Aringa Creations Home Decor& More for the Body , Mind& Soul...My brand on each product has my Aringa Creations Characters on them, giving a message of Love, light, hope and inspiration...all this is truly from my heart. I am really enjoying all of my creative sides and the growth I see with each painiting , digital art that I create .loving it andf more to come an ongoing concept of one's internal self...growth is a beautiful thing. Happy to be on this site with all the other wondereful Artist, Kindred souls! : } and Lightworkers. Peace and Light to everyone!!

P.S Also exploring gaining clients for licensing some of my characters and having my illustrations in magazines...fee; free to visit my online portfolio,showcasing more of what I am about..also when on this site check out the virtual gallery on my website... it was fun putting it together : ]

Thank you very much for reading all of this my mind goes into a spiral when I start talking about creating lol!!

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