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Irtiza sharief
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Sep 21, 2021
In Painting
Social butterfly and Shaheen (Peregrine falcon) I have painted this painting intuitionally Colors and all depends upon how I see things,it works all basedd on my vision and intuitions ... ...... ..Exerpt from google:-Allama Muhammad Iqbal is one of the most outstanding poet-philosophers of the Indian sub-continent belonging to the modern period. His intellectual genius has reigned supreme in the arena of Islamic philosophy during the twentieth century and is likely to direct and influence the Islamic Intellectual tradition in the twenty first century as well. His sublime poetry and philosophy inspired millions of Muslims to wake up to the reality of the times and forge a destiny for themselves. Iqbal was deeply concerned with the Youth of that time. He was very much clear to the fact that if Youngsters had focused their real destiny then they could have led the Muslims of Sub-Continent out of the danger of destruction earlier than they did. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Iqbal's Nojwan is a True Muslim, Mard-e-Momin, Mojahid, Shaheen, Man of Khudi and an Optimistic person who can pull down the stars to himself. Iqbal says: "Mohabbat Mojhe Un Nojawanon Se Hai Sitaron Pe Dalte Hain Jo Kamand" "I have love for those youngsters who pull the stars down" ---------------------------------------------- Iqbal's Nojawan is creative nojwan. He is Shaheen who hunts and then takes. Iqbal says: "Wuhi Jahan hai tira jis ko tu kare paida Yeh sang-o-khisht naheen jo tiree nigah men hai" "Your world is (only) the one which you create yourself, Not these stones and bricks, which are in sight" ---------------------------------------------- Youngsters provide the leadership that lead the nation to the heights of self determination. Iqbal’s notion of Leadership is best exemplified in his concept of mard-i-mu’min, i.e. the perfect man. Iqbal says of him: “He (mu’min) is mild in speech and wild in action. Be it battlefield or the assembly of friends, he is pure of heart and action.” He also says: "The destiny of nations is vested with the individuals. Similarly every person belonging to the Muslim Ummah is its destiny's star." ---------------------------------------------- Iqbal wants his Nojwan to have The best knowledge and that was the knowledge of Quran. This idea is more clearly expressed in the following Qit’ah taken from Armughan-i-Hijaz: Keep the Qur’an as a mirror before you. You have completely changed, run away from yourself. Fix a balance for your deeds [so that you may be able to], Stir a commotion which your forbears stirred in the past.” ---------------------------------------------- He also feels uncomfortable with the way the knowledge is being transfered to the Youth. He says "Shikayat Hai Mojhe Ya Rab Un khudawandan-e-Maktab se" "Sabaq Shaheen Bachon Ko De Rahe Hain Khak Bazi Ka" ---------------------------------------------- Iqbal wants his Nojwan to stay away from the gilitering culture of the west. Western culture is a blend of matter and material pleasure where lust, selfishness and many other wrongs are prevailing.Therefore no good could be expected from them.Iqbal said to Muslims: "Western nations are based on territory and race. Whereas the strength of your community rests on the might of your religion". (Bang-e-Dara). Iqbal also says: Utha na sheesha garan-e-farang ke ihsan Seefaale Hind Se Beena-o-Jam Paida Kar ---------------------------------------------- Iqbal's philosophy of khudi shows that man is neither soul nor body. Man is above both because he pessesses them. Iqbal's nojawan is a Man of Khudi. The absolute Khudi is infinetly creative. "Know thy self and success shall be thine" said by some Philosopher. Iqbal expresses if man becomes empror of himself then he can lead the world to his own direction. He says: "The man of strong character who is master of himself will find fortune complaisant. .... He will dig up the foundations of the universe and cast its atoms into a new mould. He will subvert the course of Time And wreck the azure firmament. By his own strength he will produce A new world which will do his pleasure." Iqbal, to disgrace pride and richness, says: "Mera Tareeq Amiri Nahi Faqeeri Hai Khudi Na Baech Ghareebi Main Nam Paida Kar" ---------------------------------------------- Iqbal discourage youngsters to get indulged in the pride and gilitters of the current Era and western Era. In a poem "Javed Se", He says: "Gharat Gar Deen Hai Yeah Zamana Hai Iss Ki Nihad Kafirana Johar Main Ho La-Ila-Ha To Kya Khof Taleem Ho Go Farangiyana Dehkan Agar Na Ho Tan Aasan Har Dana Hai Sad Hazar Dana" ---------------------------------------------- Iqbal's youth must be equipped with the Fikr, Thinking of truth that gives warmth, richness, beauty and charm to one's life, and that Fiqr is Hijazi Fiqr. Iqbal says: "Yeah Fiqre Ghayyoor Jis Ne Paya Ba Taegh-o-Sanan Mard-e-Ghazi" He also says: "Nudrat-i-fikr-o-amal se mucjzat-i-zindgi Nudrat-i-fikr-o-amal se sang-i-khara lal-i-nab" "Miracles of life are always the product of innovation in thought and action, Innovation of thought and action can transform granite into a real ruby," ---------------------------------------------- Iqbal's feels if the Youth of any nation is lazy or indulged in wrong then no one can stop nation to be ruined. Iqbal in his poem "Iblees ki Majlis-e-Shoora" expresses this idea where Iblees is giving instructions to his workers. i.e: Aane Wale Se Maseeha Naasri Maqsood Hai Ya Mujadad Jis Mein Ho Farzand-e-Mariyam Ka Sifat Mast Rakkho Zikr-o-Fiqr Subho-Gahi Mein Esa Pukhta Tar Kar Do Mizaj-e-Khankahi Main Esa ---------------------------------------------- As a conclusion, In Iqbal's eyes Youth is representative of the nation, not only of the current nation but also of the nations to come, i.e thay will set a stage for next generation. If Nojawans are True Muslims and have Fourteen qualities of a true leader that are written in the verses of "Surah Bakara" in Quran Sharif then nation can prosprous itself and if it is other wise then nothing can stop them to be ruined. But Iqbal is optimistic and says. Nahi Na Ummeed Iqbal Apni Kisht-e-Veeran Se Zara Nam Ho To Yeah Matti Bari Zarkhez Hai Saki .... What is Allama Iqbal’s concept of shaheen explained the 5 distinct features of Shaheen in one of lectures, which follow: 1. Shaheen is born with far sight, hence the verbatim eagle-eyed is known. He has the vision to see beyond superficial and read between events as they happen. As Iqbal says in Baal-e-Jibreel. Kho Naa Jaa Iss Seher-o-Sham Main Ae Sahib-e-Hosh Aik Jahan Aur Bhi Hai, Jis Main Na Farda Hai Naa Dosh Oh! Self Aware Man! Don’t get lost in this series of morning and evening There is another world, where there is no future, nor past. 2. Shaheen is the most fearless of all bird specifies, who flies at high altitudes. He does not gather Rizq like sparrows and crows, but flies and lives on a different and higher level. As Iqbal’s famous verse says: Tund-e-Baad-e-Mukhalif se na Ghabra ae Uqaab Yeh to chaltee hai tujhay oonchaa uranay Ke liye! O’ Falcon, dont be scared of the headwinds They just blow to keep your flying to greater hights. 3. Shaheen eats what it’s preys itself. Unlike vultures, which are the largest birds, they don’t eat left overs of other animals. It’s a symbol of Khudari, the ability to toil hard for your Rizq as well as avoid haraam (corpses of other animal as eaten by vultures). Jiphatna, Palatna, Palat Kar Jhapatna Lahoo Garam Rakhney Ka Hai Ik Bahaana To swoop, withdraw and swoop again.. Is only a pretext to keep up the heat of the blood.. 4. Shaheen seeks solitude. It’s not a social bird like sparrows and gulls who live in groups. Solitude or khalwat pasandi is a key part of self discovery as explained. Bayaabann Ki Khalwat Khush Aati Hai Mujhko Azall Say Hai Fitrat Meri Rahbanaa Solitude of wilderness goes along with me well Since from creation, I am hermit by nature. 5. Shaheen does not makes a home or sticks to a station. It lives, eats and breeds in Nahin tera Nasheman Kasr-e-Saltani ke Gumbad par Tu Shaheen hai Basera Kar, Paharon ki Chitanon mai Your abode is not the dome of emperor For you are Hawk, you live on the rocks of great mountains.
Painting the soul
Acrylic on canvas board 
60.5×50.5cm content media