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Carter Art is an online platform for sharing and providing art resources.  These are considered as articles, blog posts and, resources.  Carter Art retains the copyright to these posts, and the ability to post them on social media to promote the website.  All members have the right to post an article to Carter Art, but if one of these posts are considered to be inappropriate (not suitable or proper in the circumstances) then Carter Art holds the right to remove that post.  If you consider the removal of your post to be incorrect, then you may contact us through our provided email address.  Any details you give to this site are by your own actions, but we will never share your personal details with any other site or recourse.  When you post an article of your own, you are confirming that your written post is by you, and you are applying with copyright laws (this also applies to any images uploaded).  All artworks that are uploaded to the online art sharing platform on this site are yours, and you are also agreeing that you are in appliance with copyright laws.  If an image is found to be inappropriate, then we have the right to remove it from this site, and the possibility to remove you as a member from Carter Art.  When you upload images to the sharing platform, you hold the retaining rights to your images, and the copyright.  If we would like to use your art for a promotion for our site, we will contact you, asking for your permission.  

This site is always evolving, and if any of your articles written, or your uploaded pictures are removed by accident, we will take all responsibility for our actions, but you have no right to take legal action against us for this.  

Some people also use our site to create and hold their own personal portfolio, if this is accidentally removed, you also have no legal grounding for taking action against us if it is removed.  If we find your portfolio is inappropriate, we may remove it, but all images will be saved on our database, and if you file a request for your image to be reviewed, then we will review it and give you our final feedback for whether it is deemed appropriate for our site.  

Our services include the ability to share art articles that are written by you, as well as the ability to share and uploaded images taken by you.  We are traditionally an art resource platform, that relies on its members to share their written articles and images.  If one of these posts is deemed as copyrighted by the original writes/artist, then please send us an email with you name, proof of ownership, and the link details to what you are claiming.