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How To Become A Writer On Carter Art

If you would like to become a writer on Carter Art, you will have access to write your own blog posts, and articles from your member page, please follow the steps below.

1.  Head to the setting tab in your members' profile

2.  Scroll down to the form

3.  Fill in the form with your member details

4.  Provide a short example of what you'd like to write about (you don't need to do this for every new post you want to write)

5.  Submit the form

6.  Your request will be reviewed within 48 hours

7.  Once it has been reviewed, you will be made an accredited writer on Carter Art

(In some cases, an invitation form may be sent to your email address, if this happens, just accept the invitation and you will become an accredited writer on Carter Art)

Why Write on Carter Art?

Why should you write on Carter Art?

Well, for starters, you would be sharing your own knowledge of art with everyone on the platform (plus it will be published on Google).

You wouldn't have to worry about anything other than just writing the post.  

Here's the real great thing about writing on Carter Art...... You can promote yourself through us!

Although we don't allow spammy articles to be written (i.e. not providing some value of content), you are free to add affiliate links in what you write, (this basically means that whenever a reader on our site clicks that link, you would earn profit from it).

You are also free to link back to your own artist site (this could be your own blog, or just your portfolio).  

Carter Art is a way of promoting yourself as an artist, and with Carter Art, every article is guaranteed some readership.  

If you've tried to write your own blogs before, you'll know all about SEO, but don't worry, Carter Art covers your back on this.  We automatically optimise every article that's published on our site, and is automatically submitted to all search engines, including Google. 

Oh yeah, we're also free. 

Setting up a website and writing your own blogs can be tiresome, and frankly, quite costly too.  

But when writing with us, you have absolutely no commitment you are tied to, you can write, publish, and edit whenever you like.  

We cost absolutely nothing!  

Plus, if you add one or two affiliate links into your post, you could even earn money from it.  

Carter Art is a way for you to try blogging, write professional articles, or just a way to get your name out there.  

we provide all the basic designs of the site and the blog, but you can customise the way your articles look to suit your style and theme.  All for free!

You can build up a fanbase around the articles you write, and each one is displayed on your profile, making your articles easy to find.  

What can you write about?

Honestly, you can write about anything that revolves around art.  If you like, you can upload pre-written content by you that maybe you wrote for your school or college art class, i.e. maybe you wrote a research page about an artist for your school.  

Well, you can post that as a blog on your profile, and we will manage the rest for you, optimise each post for SEO, and submit it to google.  

Plus, you can earn money from writing with us. 

Carter Art takes 0% from your earnings with us when you use affiliate links. 

If you'd like to make money from the posts you write, you can easily add your own affiliate links to your posts, and you can earn money from each one of these.  

The great thing is, is that it's not just a one-time thing, once you've written your blog and it's on the World Wide Web, it can be found by anyone from all over the planet, and can continue to generate views and revenue for years to come.  

Tips for writing with us.

Some of the best tips we can provide for you to write blogs and articles is to obviously make it about art, but also, as Google suggests, articles that are over 3000 characters perform best on search engines.  

Be sure to include images, images are a highly important part of art, and when you apply pictures within your posts, they are also submitted to the google image search, so they will rank as well. but we do highly recommend that you apply a cover image to your posts.  

I hope you choose to write with us, and don't worry, if you write with us, you have no commitment to write posts on a regular basis, so don't stress.  We look forward to reading what you write, and we can't wait to host your blog.